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Pregnancy - 40 Weeks


Congratulations, soon you’ll be the happiest mother in the world! Install assistant of pregnancy "40 weeks" to make the kid expectation nicer, less scary and tiresome, to avoid some fears of pregnancy, to make your pregnancy period more comfortable. This application will allow you to know how your baby develops, and how you change every week of pregnancy, will dispel many of the fears of pregnancy, will tell about food nutrition, how to reduce the negative impact of toxicity, heartburn, cramps in the legs, how the future mother to live with hormones.
With our app you will become the most "prepared" future mother, because the application contains a lot of useful information!
All necessary information and services for pregnant women - in one application!
• preliminary determination date of birth (gestational age) • pregnancy calendar (weekly information on the baby’s development and your organisme) • signs and symptoms of pregnancy • maintaining personal calendar (doctor visits), and notes • journal of weight to the recommendations in the diet during pregnancy • timer contractions during childbirth • counter perturbations baby • a shopping list for the baby • a list of names for boys and girls
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